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Limp Firebird

#click-me Me? A talking bird? Oh, don't be silly. If I were, wouldn't you think I– SQUAAAWK!
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9:43 PM · 5 April 2020

What Is This?

"Void" is an in-universe Twitter analogue, used by people of paranormal communities from behind the Veil. Below is a simple format for Void messages. This code will allow for easy placement of a Void message (or messages) onto your own article. It also has mobile functionality.1

How to Use

Step 1. Copy me onto your page!

[[include :scp-wiki:component:void-post

Step 2. Read this short guide.

Start of Include Block. ▷

File URL. Resizes to Default Width=50px. (Recommended File Width: ≤150px)

Desired Username. ▷

Desired Void Handle. ▷

The Actual Text of a Void Message. (Suggested Length: ≤280 characters; Any Length OK)

Number of Echoes. (Akin to "Retweets")

Number of Hums. (Akin to "Likes")

Time and Date Format. (Suggested Format: H:MM AM/PM - D Month YYYY)

End of Include Block.

[[include :scp-wiki:component:void-post


|username=Place Holder


|void-msg=This is a placeholder.





Upload your desired picture to the page first before referencing its File URL.

Step 3. Fill in all fields after each = sign.

(OPTIONAL) Step 4. Void Interactions.

In a Void message, a character can tag another character's handle,2 make reference to a Void trend,3 or post a link to something. These interactions are denoted with blue text — but to emulate a real link, you can use the following code anywhere in the void-msg field:

[[span class="vactivity"]] #Placeholder [[/span]]

NOTE: If you use this at the end of the void-msg field, you must include the following after closing the span element, or the component will not work correctly:

@@ @@



Lampyra, the Watcher

A light in the night. #serpentshand
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A Single Moment · In Time

> To see the source code, follow me! <

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